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All in one customer journey analytics for WordPress and WooCommerce.



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Show product browsing history like Amazon! Remind your visitors about the products that they wanted...



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Display customized message, reduce bounce rates, grab emails and offer discounts!



Save 31.58%
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Quantifiable goals can only be set and achieved by accessing accurate data. Our extensions allow you to take actions based on your product and visitors’ data of your site.

  • Need to understand your overall site’s performance - WP FootPrint plugin gives you the answers!
  • Need to increase customer’s journey from product to checkout page - WP Visitors Message plugin will help you!
  • Need to increase conversions for returning visitors on your site - WP Shopping History plugin will do just that.

Tailor suitable actions to see the number of sales rise above your expectations!

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User Testimonial

Alicia Clarke - Business Owner

One of the unique and amazing plugin to increase sales by analyzing user movements. Highly recommended.

Jeremy Jones - Freelance Developer

Excellent plugin and amazing support. Works as intended and author will go the extra mile to help. No-brainer.

Aaron Davies - WordPress Developer

We have been using this plugin for a while now and it is a perfect plugin for us since our business heavily relies on user data. Amazing work guys!

Stop guessing. Get real reports!
Make data driven decisions for your business!

Questions & Answers

Frequently Asked Questions

What information can I get using WP FootPrint Plugin?

WP FootPrint plugin offers you the most needed information about your visitors, their buying behaviour, your products and the details about your visitors interacting with your products and pages. There’s a lot of data that you’ll get when you start using WP FootPrint plugin, and if you know how to use it, you’ll definitely grow your business. Check more.

What can I do with WPFPT Shopping History plugin?

With Shopping History plugin, you will be able to display the products to the visitors that they viewed before. As they will have previously interacted with those products, they are highly likely to add these products to the cart. So, simply put, display the products that any specific visitor viewed and help them to buy from your site. Check details.

What can I do with WPFPT Visit Message plugin?

You can display specific messages using 2 different popup styles - time based and exit intent based. But, as popups are a waste if they don’t grab attention, so we’ve implemented 19 animation styles. You can use these to display messages to your visitors and increase retention rates and grow sales.

Can I use Visit Message or Shopping History plugin without the WP FootPrint plugin?

As the best results are achieved by using WP FootPrint plugin’s data to use the settings on WPFPT Visit Message and WPFPT Shopping History plugins, we recommend you to use these together. But, can they be used individually? Not yet!

Can I use the plugins on multiple website?

We have implemented licensing based on per domain basis so you will be able to use them on the domain that you have registered with us. You can request to change license if you need to use it on other site.

Can I use these plugins for my clients?

If you are a marketing professional and want to use our plugins. We are thankful towards you. You can definitely use the plugins for your clients but they will still be bound by the per domain rule. We request you to contact us for further communication.

What if I change my mind and want a refund?

We are offering a partial or full refund within business days starting from the moment of successful payment. Before purchase please read Refund Policy or Contact Us if you need further information.

Can I still use the themes after my membership expires?

Yes, you can use templates according to terms, but you won't have access to updates and download section. But you can renew membership anytime.

Does WP FootPrint plugin require connection with third party analytics to collect data?

WP FootPrint plugin is one of its kind and it displays the data about your visitors and products without any manipulation. It doesn’t hide any data from the site administrator. And it doesn’t need connection with any other third party analytics solutions.

Can I implement event tracking using WP FootPrint plugin?

You get the details about sessions of your visitors and the products that they viewed. You get the IP Addresses of each individual visitor and each of their movements on your site based on sessions. However, as of yet, you cannot implement event tracking with WP FootPrint plugin.

Will your themes work with third party plugins?

While our themes should work fine with most plugins, there is no way for us to test and guarantee that all plugins will work. All we can guarantee is that our themes are coded excellently and that any plugin that also uses coding best practices should play well with our themes. If you run into any problems, let us know so that we can look into it.

How are your plugins different from the other analytics plugins?

WP FootPrint is not just another analytics plugin, it is one of its kind. And it is more of an analytical reporting plugin, not just an analytics plugin. Reporting can be simply data displayed in graphical ways or descriptive like the data explained. But, WP FootPrint along with the WPFPT Visit Message and WPFPT Shopping History, becomes a prescriptive analytics reporting plugin. It prescribes the best actions for your e-commerce business.

What if I buy the plugins and find that they don’t work as expected?

Please check the features of the plugin and the documentation. We are offering what we have mentioned but if those features don’t work on your site, we’ll take a look to fix them with a few working days. However, if we can’t get them to work for you within given time, you can request for a refund.

Is it a subscription based pricing, do I have to pay every year?

We have offered our plugin for a one time cost and you will be able to receive the support for this plugin free of cost for up to 6 months. If you would like to continue getting support, you can subscribe to the support membership plan which also allows you to get the updated version of the plugins.

Can I import data collected by other source and view reports?

WPFPT plugins only work with the data that the WP FootPrint plugin collects. You will not be able to generate report by importing data created using other analytics solutions.

How often do you release the updates for your plugins?

We release the updates as frequently as it needs, sometimes when we have some beneficial feature addition, or sometimes when there is demand by our users. As our plugin needs to be compatible with the WooCommerce plugin and WordPress, that determines the frequency of our update releases.

We are tracking some of your browsing history in order to enhance your shopping experience.