WooCommerce cart discounts – Adding value in customer journey

By J. Pete on Jun 4, 2019 | blogs, customer journey analytics, Visit Message Plugin | 0 comments

When actively monitoring customers and orders in your site, you know which products are performing well and which are not. If you take a closer look, you’ll find the reasons such as, lack of product variations, improper title, unclear description, lousy images and such. But, one of the main reasons that your online business doesn’t perform well as compared to other competitors is pricing.

So, what can you do to improve that –  Reduce Price or Offer WooCommerce Cart Discounts! But do you really want to do that? Think about it for a moment.

Reducing pricing of the product may increase sales but will decrease your profit margin. A customer will buy from you if he/she really wanted the product. But, making it interesting and selling it can be done even when a customer has already bought a related product. You have to offer it at the right price, obviously!

Offering discounts on the other hand is also a great way but this is mostly overused by the businesses. Only you can teach your visitors that discounts on your site is a rare thing and they should grab products when they get discounts. We definitely don’t recommend you to run a Back Friday Sale everyday and for everyone!

Roles that discount offers can play for your customer’s journey

Let’s take a closer but a brief look from this perspective

Where do the WooCommerce Cart Discounts appear?

  • Site-wide top notification bar – You’re probably running a weekend discount, I can buy the other day also.
  • Specific page top notification bar – You’re trying to sell a product so I’ll still be able to buy it after a few days.
  • Mid section of the landing pages – I will totally disregard what you’ve mentioned on the pricing and set the discounted price as the real price of your product
  • Pop-up on every page – You’re simply overdoing it and I feel that you’re pushing too hard to sell your products to me.
  • Pop-up on specific pages – You’re focusing on selling the specific products and if I’m in need, I may comeback again to get it.

When do the WooCommerce Cart Discount offers appear?

  • First time I visit the page – OK, you’re trying to spot-sell (in terms of cold calling) but I’m into collecting information at this time.
  • When I’m about to leave the page quickly – Are you serious, I’m not interested in the product itself?
  • After I visit some pages and about to leave – OK, so you have a discount also, let me check some other sites first!
  • Too slow; after I close the page – Uhhhh I didn’t see that!

How do the WooCommerce Cart Discounts come up?

  • In a pop-up that uses a non-conventional style of loading – Grabbed my attention for a few milliseconds
  • With a content that talks about what I know a bit and what I’m actually interested in (the product) = OK, I’l read the content after scanning.

Now, if you read the points that we mentioned here, you already know where, when and how you should use the WooCommerce cart discounts.

We hope you make the right choices and take the correct decision about the settings if you are using the Visit Message plugin settings.

If used correctly, this Visit Message plugin can increase orders, sales, customer interaction, loyalty and as a whole, improve the customer journey in your site.



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