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New to WP FootPrint plugin? This post will explain all the reports and metrics available to you through the Visitor Dashboard section. But more than that, we’ll try to provide you with some real-world techniques that’ll help to improve the performance of your site and help you increase your conversions.

So, shall we begin?

New and total visitor count

The story of how well your site is doing on acquiring the visitors! If you’re meeting your target to increase the visitor count, it is time to work on conversion optimization to add sales value. Here it is important to keep a note on which product addition or which page or post addition  helped you increase the visitors.i But more than that, you can easily find out which of those visitor acquisition methods you should continue and which ones you should drop off.

New and total sessions count

The story of how attractive and in-demand products you offer! New visitors or old ones, making a buying decision takes more than one session, and actually buying is done in just one. Analysis of new and total session will help you find the session count for conversions and other visitor driven actions. More sessions without a cart to checkout movement? Offer a sales message using WP Visit Message Plugin.

Unique IP today and total count

The story of who the unique users are and where they are from! Getting more visits from similar IPs? You need to establish a theory of what products are those visitors looking to buy from you and push that sales.

Movements today and total count

Which actions were taken on your site in a particular day and how many times! Moreover, you can get this data in relation with the session of visitors. So, it makes you really easy to understand which type of visitors are entering which funnel and whether they complete the conversion path or not.

Total page views today and yesterday with percent change

Which pages were viewed on a particular day and has the views increased than the previous day? Every page on your conversion funnel needs to be tracked and monitored. Consult with any conversion specialist and you’ll hear the same thing – optimize the conversion funnel. Get the accurate data about page views and keep on making the changes that help you boost your conversions.

Average time spent in product page comparison

Changed product information recently? Or, probably you started advertising your product in Google Ads or posted recently on social media. How is it performing after the change as compared to the previous day? That report will help you determine whether you can continue the same type of change for expected outcome or not.

Total visitors in checkout and cart page comparison

How many sales were likely to happen or and how many products did you sell? You definitely need a comparison between yesterday’s checkout and today’s checkout! If you are a eager in growing your business, you can set a target based upon these metrics also.  After all, there’s nothing to lose.

Total movements from cart to checkout page comparison

Products are added to the cart but people are unpredictable, they change mind and don’t checkout, causing you loss! How many movements from cart to checkout page today, and have they increased or decreased as compared to yesterday? What actions do you need to take?

Performance in last 30 days based on different values

How do you define the baseline if not for comparing with the previous data? This section on WP FootPrint plugin will display the data based on total visits, average time spent in product page and visitors ending up in checkout page

Active sessions chart

How many of your users are active on your site? Did you ever care about this metric? If you’re wondering why is this point important, here’s the deal – who will you cross-sell or up-sell your products to. The layover triggering and all other inbound conversion efforts are only as effective as your visitor sessions are active.

Logged in vs guest sessions chart

Are your registered visitors more or have they forgotten you? If you have more logged in sessions, probably it is best for you to create up-sell and cross-sell packages. But if you have more guest you need to welcome new sessions with discounts or other intriguing offers to grab sales.

Top 10 products of all time

Your top 10 products based on visit count helps you decide whether to restock this product and add similar products. What a waste of resource if you didn’t have this data and stocked the least visited products that would take a longer time to convert.

Top 5 search keywords

Visitors search on your site with an expectation to find a product and with the intent to buy that product. If you are getting repeated searches for certain keywords, it is definitely in your best interest to add those products.

Top registered visitors this month

Who registered this month? How have they been using your site? Are those window shoppers or real customers? You definitely need to keep an eye on the new entrants. Make sure that either you sell to them turn them into loyal customers.

Top 7 recurring IPs and probability score to turn them to visitors

Nobody goes to the same product twice without the need to compare or look for a change. Visits from same IP means they are on your shop with an intent to grab some of your products. Take a look into that IP’s footprint and make some offer to grab that customer.

We hope you enjoyed checking the reports on your Visitor Dashboard of WP FootPrint plugin while referring to this post for the ideas to use data driven e-commerce business.

PS: If you haven’t  checked out the WP FootPrint plugin yet, don’t waste any more of your precious visitors – convert them into customers using the data driven way.

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