Customer Journey Analytics with WP FootPrint Plugin – Basic Settings

By J. Pete on Jul 24, 2019 | customer journey analytics, wp footprint plugin | 0 comments

WP FootPrint Plugin => Settings

The best thing that you can do to correctly interpret your Customer Journey Analytics is to understand the settings of WP FootPrint plugin.  Here’s how you can set the WP FootPrint plugin correctly.


When you  hover over the WP FootPrint menu on the right side admin panel of your WordPress dashboard, you’ll find Settings for WP FootPrint plugin. This is where your Customer Journey Analysis is performed.

Click on it to access and make changes to how you want to collect the visitor data on your WordPress store.

Available Settings while using WP FootPrint Plugin

1 Enable Tracking

This is the first setting that you need to enable. However, there may be times when you don’t want to track any user behavior on your site. Such times may be when you are making adjustments on your site, theme, adding products etc. You can click on the drop-down and select No then save the settings to stop tracking. But, at all the other times, you need to Enable Tracking.

2 Session Duration

This is the setting where you define how long a single session for a unique visitor should be. Each session is a set of activities by a user. You can define a session duration to track a visit on your site. By default we’ve set this value to 1 hour.

3. Track Admin Sessions

If you have a team of people managing the business and all of you need the admin privileges but also need to be aware of what actions each of the admins took, you can do that with this plugin. Simply click on the dropdown option and set the value to Yes. This feature is especially useful if multiple admins are adding products on the site.

4 Track bots

Bots, Crawlers or spiders are the visits on your site by non-human. Web crawlers can be notorious and be used to spy on your site and download data or can be purposeful like the Google, Bing, or other search engines to index your site for the search engine result pages. You can click on the drop-down to select Yes or No and set it to your needs.

5 User Awareness

You are spying on the browsing behavior of the visitors! But, you have the right to looking at the user activities on your own site! How about letting the users know that you’re tracking their movements on your site? Set this option to Yes and you’ll find a user awareness text visible on your site. With this settings, it’ll also help you to maintain compliance with the GDPR and such law in action.

6 User Awareness Text

You know the type of visitors visiting on your site. It is important to match the language and tone of your site and the user awareness message. This is where you can enter your custom message to display as user awareness text.

7 Data Retention

This is a powerful feature so understand it well before making changes. If you tickmark on the checkbox, all the visitor data collected on your site will be removed when the WP FootPrint plugin is uninstalled. If you want to recover the old data when you install a newer version of WP FootPrint plugin, make sure that this checkbox is unmarked.


2 Bonus Functionalities in the Settings Page


1. Backup – SQL Download

When you  want to download your customer data collected by WP FootPrint plugin, you can simply go to the Settings page and click on the Download button within the Backup tile at the end of the page.

2. Erase Data – Remove all User Data

If you click on the Truncate button, you will erase all the data previously collected by the WP FootPrint plugin. This feature will come in handy if you are restarting your business or if you installed the plugin to before you made your site live.


If you just checked about this WP FootPrint plugin without actually getting a copy of your own, you can get the plugin from here.

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