Woo Sales Report

All in one reporting plugin for WooCommerce.

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    PHP 5.6+, WP 4.8+, WC 3+

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    10 Jan 2019

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    10 August 2019

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    WooCommerce Plugin

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Woo Sales Report Plugin - Find and analyze all your WooCommerce orders easily!

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Sales Dashboard

How do you move ahead on your revenue target when you don't have the sales reports for today, this week, this month and this year? Woo Sales Report plugin offers you to compare these reports in the sales dashboard for the previous period so you can set achievable goals and appropriate plan of action.

Check and compare the sales data between yesterday and today, this week and last week, and so on to ensure that you and your sales & marketing team is putting in sufficient effort in the right direction for your eCommerce business growth.

Don't waste any more time on the cumbersome reporting tools that require hours of research and webminar training just to understand how your own business is performing. You deserve better than that - you need answers at a glance and WooCommerce Sales Report plugin offers exactly that in the Sales Dashboard itself!

Customer Insights

Customer insights will give you the complete view of who your customers are, where they are from and what actions they've taken on your site before completing the checkout.

Just in a glance, you can find whether your registered members are buying more from you or the guests visitors are buying more. Also, which payment method is more in use and for which device your site is optimized.

If you're looking for an answer to the question: "Which user from which country purchased which products on what time and for what amount?", then Sales Insights is where you'll find the answers.

Order Insights

The end outcome that any WooCommerce business is looking forward to is getting more orders from loyal customers. Woo Sales Report plugin helps you identify in a glance how many orders are you getting and from which customers. Get instant reports on the orders that need your attention by using filters.

Filters in the orders insight view empower you to get any and every detail about your related WooCommerce sales performance. You can use the filters to find orders from a specific country or you can use filter to find the most used payment method.

And you can definitely use these filters to mix these details to find out the insights about how a specific product performs on a given condition. This depth of order report is the only data you'll need to stock or re-stock products in your WooCommerce site.


WooCommerce is the base of Woo Sales Reports plugin and we understand for some tiny detail, you don't want to keep moving around your WordPress admin panel. For that, we have added a few sections to improvise your WooCommerce experience itself.

With Woo Sales Report plugin, you'll be able to find the number of units sold and earnings from a product from WooCommerce > Products > All Products itself.

Not just that, Woo Sales Report plugin also allows you to export individual buyers for a specific product SKU from the WooCommerce Products page itself. This way, you can associate


It is mostly the forum sites and other membership sites that keep checking the users on WordPress Admin panel. But, there's so much you can have on this page when you install Woo Sales Report plugin for your eCommerce reports also.

This plugin adds a single column to your users view on WordPress Admin - Orders column allowing you to see how many orders has a user placed for your products. And if you click on the number of orders, you'll be taken to the Sales Insights section of Woo Sales Report plugin where you'll find all the details about this user and the orders. Isn't that wonderful?

The only plugin you will ever need for WooCommerce reporting.

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