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Display customized message, reduce bounce rates, grab emails and offer discounts!

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    PHP 5.6+, WP 4.8+, WC 3+

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    10 Jan 2019

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    10 August 2019

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    WooCommerce Plugin

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*This product is a WP FootPrint add-on and needs to be purchased together if you have not purchased WP FootPrint yet.

2 Different Popup Type

WP Visit Message plugin offers you to display your layover messages in two different types. Based on the e-commerce market trend, we have offered these two display types. Try out to find which one best suites your needs.

  • Exit-Intent popups: The customized message that you set will be displayed based on the behavior of visitor when they intend to exit your site. An alarmingly attractive message will help to improve your visitor retention.

  • Time based popups: You can display your popup based on how long the visitor has stayed on the page. If average time to check the product is 3 seconds then you can display the after that time to offer a discount and grab the sale

19 Different Animations

When it comes to displaying a message through layovers / popups, you need to focus on grabbing attention of the visitor. And we all know that animations are the best in doing them.

WP Visit Message plugin offers to display your customized message in 19 different animation styles. You can use these in combination with the two available popup types.

Whether you want your message to be loud or subtle in presentation, it is in your hands. And we also recommend you to implement whatever grabs the visitor's emails and increases sales on your site. After all that's the main purpose of this plugin.

Full Control

Hiring a designer or developer to set up a popup is not feasible plan. Why? To keep them exciting, you need to keep changing them once in a while. So, we've handed over total control over the popups.

We've offered some sample texts but you can choose to customize them. You can choose from the type to animation style you find suitable. And you can also choose the colors to match the layover with your theme.

The best part is that you can choose whether to display layover after a single visit or after viewing the same products twice or thrice. This helps to keep your message more personalized based on the visitor behavior. Make the right use of these settings and you'll have the best sales results!

Get actionable insights for WooCommerce store. Understand your buyers behavior and increase sales volume for every product.

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