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Shopping History

Show product browsing history like Amazon! Remind your visitors about the products that they wanted...

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    PHP 5.6+, WP 4.8+, WC 3+

  • First Release

    10 Jan 2019

  • Last Update

    10 August 2019

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    WooCommerce Plugin

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*This product is a WP FootPrint add-on and needs to be purchased together if you have not purchased WP FootPrint yet.

Shopping History

Have you ever given thought to why Amazon displays the previously browsed products?

People find it easy to make buying decision about products that they already know.

By displaying browsing history, Amazon is reminding what they know and wanted. And you can do the same!

Don't miss out on this psychology based conversion trick if you want more sales from your returning visitors.

Full Control

Shopping History plugin helps your customers buy the products that they actually want.

But you have the data and insights so you know how to increase your sales. For that the power of Shopping History plugin is in your hands.

Change the color of the tab to match or contrast with your theme. Try out different titles to envelope products within Shopping plugin's list.

You may want to display products on the blog posts page or you may want to exclude displaying products from certain category pages.

Enjoy the complete flexibility where you want to display and where you want to hide the browsing history of your visitors.

Get actionable insights for WooCommerce store. Understand your buyers behavior and increase sales volume for every product.

We are tracking some of your browsing history in order to enhance your shopping experience.